Our Baroque mirrors are incredibly grand and detailed pieces that are inspired by the Baroque period in art, architecture and design, and feature dramatic designs characterised by bold, curving forms, elaborate ornamentation, and an overall balance of disparate parts.
13 Products
Set Descending Direction
  1. CFR020-SLGO-104-124
  2. CFR2008-WH-100-100
  3. TFM8027-AW
  4. CFR020-BL-135-164
  5. CFR2008-GOX-90-190
  6. CFR2008-SLX-90-190
  7. PM1010-WH
  8. PM1010-BL
  9. PM6158-WH
  10. PM6158-SWH
  11. PM6158-SL
  12. PM6158-GO
  13. PM6158-RU
13 Products
Set Descending Direction