Dimensions: W60 x D50 x H100 cm

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SKU: R1-9373-301

Chaandhi Kar Silver Embossed Luggage Trunk and Drawers

NEW FOR 2012

The Chaandhi Kar Range - Indian inspired and extensively desired Design.

- The most exquisite item from the Chaandhi Kar Range.
- Uniquely elegant appearance and design.
- Five drawers, each 55cm wide with crystal resin handles.
- Hinges on the right hand side to allow door to open.
- Drawers are painted black inside.
- Wooden batons on the sides of product and two metal clasps to secure door shut.
- Beautiful felt like fabric lining.
- A metal hanging rail inside the door allows for multi functional storage.
- Very versatile, can be used for various means of storage or display.
- A diverse and contemporary chic item, would suit any bedroom, dressing room, office, shop, salon or store.
- Good quality and eye catching impressive design.
- Blackened Silver embossed ornate metal covers the exterior of the wood.
- This range regularly sells out fast due to high demand.
- This range of furniture is handmade and hand finished so it is natural to expect and appreciate slight imperfections as a feature of this furniture but these are all intentional and simply ensure the furniture has a rustic and authentic finish.
- The Chaandhi Kar Range is also available in a Silver Embossed version and also a Mirrored version.
- There are many items in this range to complete a room set or to add additional items to your order.
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